Sword Health: Housings for Use in Digital Physiotherap

Mass production of customized housings for use in digital physiotherapy solutions.

Sword Health is a technological platform that takes a different approach to physiotherapy. Using a combination of high-precision motion sensors, the Sword Phoenix allows patients to perform physiotherapy sessions in the comfort of their own homes, with real-time feedback.

The printed housings are used to house a motion detection system, among others. These are then used by patients, who, using an elastic band, can use them on different parts of the body. In addition to these, there are also charging docking stations for the sensors.

3D Printed Devices | Case Studies
3D Printed Devices | Case Studies

“XPIM is able to meet our fluctuating needs with quality and speed that none of the previous competitors could achieve.”

Rita Quintas – Business Developer at Sword Health

The product range consists of 14 different pieces in 5 distinct colors, and the needs vary according to the company’s expansion into new markets.

With a good finish and superior mechanical performance, these are used by patients and are currently used in 7 countries.

With a printing service with the production capacity like XPIM’s, it is possible to produce these small series – up to 5000 pieces per month – quickly and flexibly. At the same time, new designs can be launched and adjustments can be made to current designs with the same agility and without the involvement (particularly financial) that would be required through molds.